biker faux leather jacket : H&M rosey midi skater dress : Asos felt boater hat : Asos buckle leather mid-heel ...

  • biker faux leather jacket: H&M
  • rosey midi skater dress: Asos
  • felt boater hat: Asos
  • buckle leather mid-heel boots: c/o Milanoo
  • faux leather tote bag: H&M
  • Revlon Matte Lipstick in In The Red

These pictures were actually from my Singapore trip on May (months ago!) but since I had nothing to post (shameeee...) and I felt like I want to post something, I made up this outfit post from my random shots when I was wandering around Haji Lane. I haven't made any posts about my Singapore trip (maybe just briefly mentioned it on my blog) because I'm pretty much a lazy person after a vacation (I even unpacked three months later...) so maybe if I suddenly find some pictures from my vacation deep down in my laptop that I can pile up for an outfit post, I will probably post it anyway *grin*.


So, what's your plan for New Year's Eve? Happy holiday! xx


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2 twist and shout

  1. kamu selalu cantik dimataku.. etdaaaah!!!

    ketemu cmn 5 menit bentar ..apaan bgt sih kita?! :(

  2. very nice and nice and cute...nice trip


P.S. I Love You.