grey oversized cardigan : Zara grey tartan dress : Topshop grey embellished beret hat : vintage black opaque tig...

  • grey oversized cardigan: Zara
  • grey tartan dress: Topshop
  • grey embellished beret hat: vintage
  • black opaque tights: Asos
  • black tassel wingtip brogues: vintage
  • faux leather backpack: Stradivarius
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Zurich

My fave month has arrived! Yaaayyy. Technically, I'm eleven days late to say this but whatever. I'm happy that my wedding anniversary, my birthday, and my husband's birthday are all bundled up in one lovely month. And speaking of February, despite of THAT movie Fifty Shades of Grey will be out soon in few days (on Valentine's day, I guess...) and my outfit is more like less-than-five shades of grey, it's just coincidence, y'all. I do love my embellished beret and I'm thinking about DIY project with my beret hats (if I have the time, sadly). Think other embellishments, guys. Any ideas? :)


Happy lovey dovey month, dearests! xx

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P.S. I Love You.