Meet SemSem ! SemSem honors a special relationship about mother and daughters bonding through a chic collection of luxury designer clothin...

Meet SemSem! SemSem honors a special relationship about mother and daughters bonding through a chic collection of luxury designer clothing. The collection is proudly manufactured in New York City using only the finest materials, founded by Abeer Al Otaiba, a committed philanthropist, mother, and wife of United Arab Emirates diplomat in Washington. The brand name "SemSem" is inspired by the nickname of Abeer's young daughter, Samia.
The collection's mother daughter styles are aligned with subtle design elements, balanced color palettes, and complementary fabrics. SemSem itself is more than just a luxury designer brand. It's an elegant and sophisticated collection which focused on attention to detail, quality, and functionality, with a purpose.

Each season,
SemSem will partner with an organization dedicated to promote women's empowerment. This luxurious yet wearable fashion for woman on the go aims to support gender equality, literacy, health, legal awareness, and education among women and children. The brand helps charities such as Every Mother Counts, Women for Women International, Angele.H International, and Association for the Development & Enhancement of Women (ADEW), helping mothers teach their daughters about the importance of philanthropy and giving back.

The brand has such diverse collection for women, not just for mothers. These ones above are a few of my favorite pieces that I completely adore. I think the Aida dress paired with Samia Biker Jacket really complement each other and give the chic but edgy feeling. The tweed jacket is fresh and sophisticated, not just like common biker jacket. I also love the silky Lotus dress with half-lined skirt. The black georgette dress has an inserted sheer trim embroidery which give a sexy yet suave vibe for night out on vacation days.

And these ones above are the sweetest things I like from the children's collection. Like the Camilia dress for formal event such as wedding or Lara romper for casual strolling day, they are all so cute! Look at how adorable the tutu skirt is! They even have dolls and little doll version of the children outfit (sold separately)!

Blake Lively wearing SemSem skirt (photo credit: Michael Simon/

As a mother myself, I'm very happy to introduce you to this brand because I feel very related to it and one of the missions behind this brand is about educating your daughter about giving back at a very young age. Although I have a son instead of a daughter (I have nieces, tho!), it's good to teach our children about the importance of empowering women and children who are less fortunate. Girls have the power to change the world, right?

The luxury designer collection, is currently available for purchase on the website,

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