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Looking for a Thanksgiving Day gift for your beau that’s more original than the traditional tie? Buy him perfume! Perfume is one of the mo...

Looking for a Thanksgiving Day gift for your beau that’s more original than the traditional tie? Buy him perfume! Perfume is one of the most important parts of any male grooming routines. It's not an easy task because it is personal and everyone has different tastes. But after all, you know your man’s personality and tastes well enough to find one he’ll like. Plus, you’ll also get to enjoy his intoxicating scent. Here are a few guidelines to help you make the right choice:

If you do not assure about what kind of your perfume you will choose for you man, don’t hesitate to ask sales assistant for help. Before smelling any perfume, describe his personality, physique, tastes, activities, clothing, style and any scents he’s worn in the past.

Let think about the smell, which is very important when choosing perfume. Actually, the different people will have different smell, and it is difficult to adapt to all the noses. However, choose perfume that you think would be nice on him or make him more confident. Think about the age when choosing perfume. Teenagers will use perfume different from the adults. Take the time to sniff different perfumes. You can check the smell of different perfumes by spraying on the wrist, elbow, neck, etc and wait for approximately 30 minutes for your decision.

Every perfume and fragrance is different. However, many of them share common traits. Each fragrance can be put into a fragrance family, grouping it with many other similar fragrances. If a fragrance has mainly a scent of fresh notes, plus weaker scents of woody and citrus notes, we could say that this fragrance is Fresh, but with citrus and woody undertones. The dominant part is normally the heart of the fragrance. Male fragrances can be divided into several different families. The amount of different families there are, depends on what you read. Commonly there are Four main groups (Citrus, Fougere, Oriental and Chypre), which are then divided into sub groups.

How a perfume unfolds is included in three notes:  a top or head note, a base note, a middle or heart note. The top or head note is the one you will smell first. Depending on this, most producers decide to sell products. However, you don’t rely on this way to choose your perfume. And then, you leave the shop without purchasing. The middle or heart note conveys to the forefront when 15 to 30 minutes passes. This is the time when you smell the entire perfume. When the top and the middle notes disappear, the base note will continue to last up to 24 hours; therefore, it is crucial that you think your man would love it.

When you still don't know what fragrance he exactly likes, find some trending perfume for boyfriend on the shop and choose the most convenient scent. It means the perfume you choose is adaptable and enjoyable. Visit StyleWe blog for more helpful tips and trick about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle! :)

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