how to keep your luggage light on a summer vacation.

We all like to go on vacation, but most of us do not enjoy the step that comes before that: packing. The reason for this is that many of ...

We all like to go on vacation, but most of us do not enjoy the step that comes before that: packing. The reason for this is that many of us are simply bad at it. We never know how to pack what we need and we end up carrying a ton of luggage around that we don’t end up using. If you want to make things easier for yourself next time you go on a summer vacation, here are a few tips to help you pack light.

1. Choose the right luggage
You won’t need a large suitcase for a vacation when a small or medium one will do just fine. We have a tendency to fill up our suitcases, even though this means packing more stuff than we need. Choose a smaller size and then also pack a carry-on bag which you keep with you where you will put your documents, wallet, phone and other valuable items.

2. Pack travel size toiletries
Toiletries can end up occupying a lot of room but, instead of taking your regular toiletries with you, buy other ones that are travel sized and you can save on space. If you don't want to buy the products in travel size, buy empty bottle kit and fill them up with your regular ones as needed.

3. Count the days
When it comes to packing too much stuff, the main culprit is usually clothing. We want to take our entire wardrobe with us, even though we will only be gone for a week. Try to be more practical: count the days you will be gone and pack accordingly. You will not need five different pairs of pants, just like you won’t need ten different t-shirts. On vacation, pack comfortable shoes like a pair of flip flops, since you are going to be walking around a lot, and one pair of fancy shoes for going out at night.

4. Opt for lightweight dresses
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