The coming months are going to be colder and wetter. Some of us will be dealing with slight inconveniences, like a bit more rain. Others wi...

The coming months are going to be colder and wetter. Some of us will be dealing with slight inconveniences, like a bit more rain. Others will have much more dramatic conditions to contend with, like snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. It's getting quite chilly and when the winter wonderland is approaching us then it's time to find cold-weather outfits. It's also a great time to do some Thanksgiving or Christmas shopping in advance to avoid the hassle. Of course you need to buy presents for your loved ones, right? It's a no-hassle if you want to shop at Talever as it's easy peasy and the customer support will provide you with any help during your shopping time. While you're at home on Thanksgiving or Christmas day to gather with your family, there's no better winter outfit than long cardigan sweater, right? You can find a lot of options at Talever as they have a lot of options for your cozy time at home or chilly days outside.

Winter white for you is coming through this long turtleneck sweater with quilter pattern. The pocket detail is so cute and you can even wear it as a sweater dress! Pair it with thigh high boots just as in the picture and you're good to go!

For more casual option, you can choose this simple batwing cardigan with open front (no buttons!). The muted color is really nice and it's a great addition to your usual t-shirt (or longsleeves) and jeans combo. Don't forget the ankle boots in the winter!

I bet you can't resist the cuteness of this cardigan. Pink is not a typical winter color but it's a sweet touch to usual dark winter clothes. It's loose, very comfortable, and the hollow pattern is quite unique. You can also choose other colors like green and brown and they're as attractive as this sweet color.

 Black is just very winter color, isn't it? For night out or semi formal event, you can wear this beautiful jumpsuit with lovely accent on the sleeves to get attention. If you want a bit body-hugging ones, it's quite sexy but still appropriate for winter. Just add a coat and a pair of closed to heels and you're ready to party!

If you need another option of women's v-neck rompers, the oversized pants of this jumpsuit is currently on-trend. It comes in a lot of beautiful colors and would look good with plain turtleneck as an inner to get the 'it' cold-weather look and you can still get even warmer under your coat. Don't you also love the cute waist belt? So chic!

Do you want more sparkles in your life? I bet this sequin jumpsuit will turn every head. The shiny silver wide leg jumpsuit is all you need for new year's eve party. Sequin is timeless and I love the simple spaghetti strap. Can you not buy it?

Browse your favorite Taveler clothes now and find your soulmates for your upcoming cold holiday season there! xx

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