sharing is caring... except in skincare.

No one will say no if you gave them half of your cupcake as a token of appreciation. You can  split a meal with your friend to save money a...

No one will say no if you gave them half of your cupcake as a token of appreciation. You can split a meal with your friend to save money and moderate your calorie consumption. You can even share your Netflix account with your siblings. When it comes to makeup, however, sharing does not automatically mean caring.
If you want to show you care for someone but don’t want to share your makeup with
them for health reasons, use these tips instead:

Gift them their favorite from your skincare routine. They might like how your CC
cream looks on your skin, and they’ve expressed wanting to try it for themselves. Give
them the hygienic gift of an unopened product, which you bought from the exact CC
cream online shop you got yours from. This is perfect especially if their shade is different
from yours, as you can get them the product that fits them better.

Find buy-one-get-one deals. What’s better than shopping for makeup together? This
will eliminate the need for you to tell them you don’t want to share your makeup with
them. You will both be buying new products, and you’re getting it at a discount. Who
wouldn’t want that?

Recommend something better. They like your mascara, but you know it’s one of the
worst makeup products to share with another person. Instead of potentially getting pink
eye, suggest a product that you think will work better for their lashes. This is helpful if
they don’t know much about makeup; you’re helping them choose products that fit them
instead of just letting them copy the products you use.

Help them find their shade. Eyeshadows and lipsticks come in different shades, and
you rarely finish your products quickly. However, this is not a reason to share them with
friends because it exposes the products to bacteria. Even if you’re not using all your
eyeshadows, you’ll have to say no to sharing them with your best friend. The shades that look good on you might not look good on them anyway, so it’s better to just help
them find products that are perfect for them.

Get samples. You don’t want to buy a product without testing it on your skin first. You
also don’t want your beloved products to be contaminated. There’s a way to address
both without saying no to your friend: get samples. The sample can be in your arsenal
for when your friend asks to try the product. This way, you’re not imposing that they buy
the product without trying it, but you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your products in
the process.

Educate them. Of course, you can only come up with so many excuses not to let them
use your makeup. You don’t want to be rude, and you don’t want to give them the wrong
impression. Explain carefully that both of you are at risk of infections by sharing. Helping
them understand the risks associated with sharing makeup means solving the problem
once and for all instead of having to come up with an excuse every time they ask to try
your mascara.

You love your friends and would want to share everything with them. However, when it comes to makeup, caring is better expressed in educating them instead of sharing.

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