how to get your man to dress better.

Style is a state of mind. For the finer things in life, everyone needs a guide to teach them how to be their best selves. The art of dressi...

Style is a state of mind. For the finer things in life, everyone needs a guide to teach them how to be their best selves. The art of dressing, especially for men, is no exception. When you have a husband/boyfriend, you will start to think about dressing him the way you like: better and appropriately. It is best to first approach the situation in a very passive aggressive manner since the shopping experience for some men can be bewildering. And expensive. And unimpressive. Too many options, too little clarification. It's how to make them interested in taking their style to the next level of expression, precision, and elegance. No, it's not exactly an impossible thing to do but it can certainly prove to be a tricky task because the last thing you want to do is undermine your guy.

1. If he does not care much about his clothes and the way he dresses then the most sensible thing you can do is get him clothes that you think will look good on him. Don't leave it up to him to choose his clothes. When you guys are out shopping, take it up to yourself to pick out clothes for your guy bearing in mind the current fashion trends for guys and his stature. What will look good on a tall guy might not flatter a guy with a rounded figure.

2. Be encouraging. If you are trying to bring a change where the way he dresses is concerned then try to be as supportive as you can. When you notice that your guy tried something new, compliment him and make him feel that you appreciate the effort. Don't be a bully. Be a companion and a patient one at that. Don't forget that no matter what people might think, men love affection and they like to be complimented and pampered.

3. Subtly get rid of clothes that you don't approve of and replace them with outfits you like. If he is very much attached to his wardrobe then the whole process will need to be carried out very cautiously and you will often need to resort to tactics such as bribery. Try to get him a simple set of staples like well-fitting shirts and a pair of leather shoes. It's timeless, classic sense of style. You can’t go wrong giving this to him once or twice as a gift, so hopefully he catches on and follows suit. Or in this case, shirt.

4. When in doubt, start easy. And online. It's a great way to show him how to be creative when it comes to picking out items. Find stores with huge range of top designer brands from casual denim to formal dressing with extremely great price, encouraging men that it is okay to own more than one pair of bag or shoes. If he wears a watch daily, you can buy stylish bands like this s3 frontier watch band. Other options for sporty guys like these s3 watch bands could also be an easy way to get your man dress better. This way your man gets the deal and the style for minimal search effort.


5. Work clothes, play clothes, and everything in between — it takes inspiration to make everything look put-together and effortless. It is better to be overdressed than under-dressed. For advice on demand, it's wise to follow some seriously well-dressed men on Instagram. Consider them your Sartorialist side kick.

And if you find your man to be overly single-minded about his slapdash ways, you can always give this last resort a try: watch Mad Men together. Fedoras. Tie clips. Whiskey. Impeccably tailored suits. The hope is that after one episode, he will be cleaning his closet out himself :)

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