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Okay let's be honest, sometimes you would rather sit around your house and do nothing than go out in something uncomfortable. Lounging...

Okay let's be honest, sometimes you would rather sit around your house and do nothing than go out in something uncomfortable. Lounging around the house and style are not oftenly used in the same sentence. But the good news is that loungewear has come a long way in recent years. Not only are there a lot of options, but loose, comfy clothes are actually really trendy. Now you can go from a day out with your friends to collapsing onto the couch without feeling the need to change into something more comfortable. We're living in a golden age of comfy dressing. Yes, you can wear women loungewear 24/7 and still look totally amazing like these matching sets, which has streamlined lines that say "casual but comfy". Well, putting a little more effort into your loungewear wouldn’t kill you.

The quarantine is proving to be no exception. If you're active users of social media, anybody could take a peek at your indoor attire. Comfort is the name of the game, but what you wear has got to be cute, too. As you practice social distancing by staying home, you can also pick up some staples online to keep you polished yet cozy during quarantine. As the days go on, it’s nice to differentiate something that you put on. For example, on the weekends, throw on some cute athleisure to motivates you to get some exercise in throughout the day and during working hours, try to get in a pair of matching loungewear set to make you feel productive and ready to take on the day. If the sensation of being barefoot makes you a little too relaxed, slip into a pair of house-only shoes such as luxurious yet comfy feather slippers. No one can see your feet on a video call but still look chic either way.

If you’re one of working-from-home first-timers, the challenges of working from your bedroom or living room couch are starting to become glaringly real. While you require comfort, you may never want to look like a slob even without any coworkers to impress. Working from home has become a way of life (and looking cute while doing so) and getting dressed in an outfit that makes you feel confident to crush the day can make the jobs done. It's important to be comfortable but still feel put together because it helps maintain a professional mindset and it gets you motivated to work. In summary: something that is relaxed, but presentable, so that you can pop out for a walk with your pups and still feel cute — but also something that you can sit on the couch comfortably in with your laptop while on your Zoom meetings just like this lounge set.

Unsurprisingly, Femmeluxe nails it with this cool and casual collections — which FYI is packed with plenty of other cozy goal items. Whether you're working or lounging, you will always have options to look chic but feels as comfortable as if you were in a sweatshirt. Matching tops and bottoms take the guesswork out of getting dressed. There is nothing wrong with matching. It makes you look pulled together with minimal effort. Don't you also love a set of sweatpants that can double for sleep or walking around the neighborhood? You can even wear joggers to a bar! If the Kardashians can rock their high-waisted sweats with full glam while hanging out in their mansions, why can't we invented the ideal looking-good-at-home aesthetic for ourselves? xx

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