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Hi guys, you’ll agree with me that this year has made us rethink a lot of the things we do. It’s hard to even think about dressing up when y...

Hi guys, you’ll agree with me that this year has made us rethink a lot of the things we do. It’s hard to even think about dressing up when you know that your work station is a few feet from your living room. This just means that you can give my work pants a break while rocking comfortable loungewear pieces. But this is not an excuse to be frumpy. You can still remain nicely put together in comfortable pieces that you’ll be happy to wear outside the house like this knitted loungewear in pretty dusky color.

Gone are the days when you had to pick between “house clothes” and “going out clothes”. Athleisure clothes serve more than one purpose (workout/street style) and the same thing applies to ladies loungewear. Just so we are on the same page, loungewear here refers to comfortable clothes that you can wear at home and still casual enough to be worn outside the house. Soft, cozy loungewear that is stylish, can easily be worn working at home and to run errands without looking like you just rolled out of bed.

Washed out sweatpants and 5-year old tees should be left in the past. And stylish ribbed loungewear pieces have become commonplace. There is no better way to inject your personality into your daily life than through the clothes you wear. Think of loungewear as transitional pieces, they can be worn at home. And they can easily be worn outside the house. In order words, loungewear pieces are the happy mid-ground between sleepwear and casual wear.

How can you resist super cute matching knitted co-ord that can be sneakily worn out of the house as well if you have to run a couple of errands but want to stay in your pajamas? You can easily mix and match these lightweight short sets to your needs. They’re perfectly fine for a brunch or grocery run – and especially traveling.

Are you a huge fan of jogger and sweater sets? Not only are they so fun to wear out, but they’re are soft, comfy, and cozy for getting things done around the house or for just kicking back in a fun color like a pair of pink joggers! As the saying goes, sweats – but make it fashion!

If you’re not into the matchy-matchy outfit trend, you could style each loungewear piece with something you have in your wardrobe. A girly ruffle crop top is a nice juxtaposition to the sporty style of the joggers. There is nothing wrong to wear base layers as loungewear or even to go out. It depends how you style them. You certainly can wear all kinds of basic, minimal tops, from sexy black bodysuit to tanks. These pieces are so thin and comfortable and feel deliciously free to lounge around in. They look great with any of the sets above – but can also be worn with jeans.

 It’s easy to want all-the-things from Femmeluxe that makes that temptation greater. They have best loungewear pieces that are perfect for lounging at home, working from home, and going out during the summer that is cozy, stylish, and won’t break the bank. How do you guys feel about wearing loungewear as streetwear? xx

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  1. I love the stylish loungewear (and lingerie) outfits and outfit pieces from Femme Luxe that you have featured here! All of them look very feminine, comfortable and pretty to look at.
    It is also nice how versatile these outfit pieces are.
    I think wearing loungewear as streetwear is a fabulous idea - and I expect I will be seeing more fashions like these Femme Luxe styles out in public in the future.

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