simple outfit ideas for your upcoming vacation.

Summer weather is here and with the possibility of summer vacations becoming more real this year, it’s time to get your warm-weather outfits...

Summer weather is here and with the possibility of summer vacations becoming more real this year, it’s time to get your warm-weather outfits together! After the past year, we all deserve to look and feel amazing this summer. Wherever your post-pandemic adventures take you, we’re here to provide summer outfit ideas and make sure you look good while island-hopping. Stop over-packing and travel light with your minimalist wardrobe. You don’t need as much as you think. Keep it simple and only pack key basics that are versatile and can be re-worn several different ways to coordinate. You can truly enjoy your trip and not stress about the details of what to pack or what to wear.

First thing, make a list of the things you will be doing on your trip. Then you can plan specific outfits for what you will be doing (going to the beach, dinners out, sight seeing, activities, etc). Thinking ahead through these details will make packing a breeze. Not to mention it will help make getting dressed on your trip simple & stress free. Keep your most of travel wardrobe in neutral to make mixing and matching outfits easy but add a few pops of color to brighten your trip.

One of the most exciting parts of your vacation is when you arrive at the airport, check in your bags and head into the departures lounge. Whether you are browsing the shops or having a few drinks, you want to look good! The key here is to have a comfy outfit for the plane, but one that will also look amazing in the airport and when you land. During this pandemic, stunning loungewear co-ords help us to feel great during lockdown yet you could wear them outside and still look effortlessly stylish.

When you arrive on vacation, you are going to be so excited for your first night. So, make sure you have an outfit at the top of your suitcase that you can just throw on. Simple white dresses would be your go-to. This is one of the easiest outfits ever, making it great for when you are wanting to get ready quickly.

Would any vacation with your friends be complete without a pool party? You can’t beat a pair of denim shorts with a bikini. With this outfit, you can go all out for a stylish bikini that you can easily wear as a top. Bikinis in neutral color or bright and patterned, either way would work really well.

It is always lovely to enjoy a refined and sophisticated evening meal. So, it’s time to pull out the black dresses. You really can’t go wrong with a little or midi black dress. With a more simple dress, you can go all out with the accessories. It doesn’t get much more classy than this!

When you’re on vacation, you are likely to find a lovely local market that is just waiting to be explored! It's the best place to experiment with bright colors and patterns when you are on vacation! Pair any bright colored dresses or rompers with brown sandals and a brown bag. If you're going to a sunny spot, we suggest a wide-brim straw hat to protect yourself from the sun. Bonus: these hats double as shades for that poolside afternoon nap.

We have all been longing for a warm-weather vacation this past year, so take the opportunity to experiment with your style and enjoy your time in the sun. Try to pick items that you can wear a few times throughout the vacation to save space and plan your outfits before you go to avoid any last minute panics. Just remember, drink plenty of water and apply lots of SPF during the peak heat hours of the day! Whether you are planning outfits for days at the beach or wandering around the market, make sure you wear your clothes with confidence and you will be turning heads for all the right reasons!

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