Mornings aren't the best time for anyone. We know how it is — you rolled out of bed a little late because you kept hitting snooze, or ma...

Mornings aren't the best time for anyone. We know how it is — you rolled out of bed a little late because you kept hitting snooze, or maybe you forgot to set your alarm last night. Now you have twenty minutes to hop in the shower, brew that coffee, grab a bite to eat, blow-dry your hair and pick the perfect outfit to present yourself as ready for the day to come. The morning is already a hectic time, and when you're running late or in a hurry, it can seem impossible to throw together an outfit that's attractive, professional, suitable for the occasion or well-coordinated. That takes a lot of time and planning you don't have, right?

You might end up picking something that's perfect for you that day but you don't have a lot of time left to do your make up or get your hair done. Maybe you can save a lot of time but you don't want to do something permanent on your face like threading your eyebrow or getting eyelash extensions. These last-minute temporary accessories can easily be put together with any articles of clothing you most likely already have in your closet. The best part? They're totally affordable!

Brows are all the rage right now, with many techniques available to help you achieve a full and fabulous look. From semi-permanent salon treatments to temporary tattoos and even “wigs” for your eyebrows, there are a lot of eye-catching eyebrow makeup innovation. Temporary eyebrows tattoos are going viral because they're so realistic and last for days on end. They're waterproof and sweatproof tattoo stickers, therefore fit perfectly for your eyebrows. Unlike cosmetic tattooing and permanent embroidery, our brows cause no harm or wounds. Nothing particularly risky going on here.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but if you really want to draw attention to your eyes, you might want to start with your lashes. Mascara alone can't always give you the full, fluttery lashes you want, though. To give your eyes a striking, glamorous look, you need false eyelashes. How do you choose the best false eyelashes for your makeup bag? Not all the lashes will suit your eyes, because eyes have different shapes. Your makeup is also important for choosing a perfect false eyelash for your own. There are natural but beautiful false lashes that are comfortable to wear for nearly any occasion and ideal for daily wear. The thicker and longer ones are ideal false lashes for special events when you want maximum glamour. False eyelashes add extra dimension to the eyes. Perfectly chosen eyelashes can make your eyes beautiful and poorly chosen one can make it worse.


 Nowadays wearing wigs has become a fun way to change up the look and gain confidence, enjoying the versatility and flexibility in styling they provide. One of the big advantages for wearing wigs is the ease of change or versatility of the styles, there are literally hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. Changing your look has never been so easy, from long blonde with highlights to a short tapered coif wigs are an easy way to achieve the look you want however often you want to change it! Whether you are in a local theater performance or looking for a different person for a night on the towns, wigs are the best way to become whoever you want! When women start to feel good about their hair, confidence boots up. Who doesn’t love that fresh out of the salon feeling of fantastic hair. Even day to day wear is easier with less fuss. Simply pop on your wig and go! No more bad hair days to contend with.

If we're dressed attractively, uniquely and exceptionally, we feel more confident, motivated and capable in all our endeavors. In addition to that, we need hassle-free and practical things so why not trying something temporary for fun? xx

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