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Finding the right outfit to wear when going out can be a hassle. Whether for a girl’s night out, a date, a simple trip to the movies or an i...

Finding the right outfit to wear when going out can be a hassle. Whether for a girl’s night out, a date, a simple trip to the movies or an informal affair, the right outfit is essential. Here, some ideas of going out clothes that you should have in your closet. These items range from basic or simple to super stylish and daring. Having these on hand will make your selection process easier when you have a night out.

The LBD aka little
black dresses is one of the basic pieces of going out clothes every woman should own. This piece is very versatile because it can be a simple tank dress for casual outings or an elaborate black masterpiece for formal events. Styled properly, this dress can create a sultry and sophisticated look. Whether you buy this in a bodycon style or a skater dress, it is easy to wear, comfortable and a wardrobe staple. This outfit fits different body shapes or choose with any patterns that suit your needs. Going for a night out with the girls? Polkadot LBD checks! There you'll have a fun look instead of the classic one!

Alongside your little black dress should be your little white dresses. This dress is almost as popular as the black dress. The little white dress should be one of your going out clothes as well. This article of clothing is another wardrobe basic, it is light and can be dressed up or down. With a pair of heels and a blazer, this dress looks classy and is great for formal meetings and events hosted in the evening. When going out for an informal meeting, or a simple night with friends, a pair of sneakers will pair well with this dress.
Instead of a white dress, one of the simplest items to put on when going for a night out is a white shirt. Pairing beautifully with jeans, skirts and even leggings, this is one item that every girl probably owns. White shirts can be worn with anything. They are easy to dress up or down and can be worn for almost any occasion. For a sultrier look, choose a fitted white blouse and pair it with some skinny jeans. If you prefer comfort, an oversized white shirt, some leggings and sandals or sneakers will make perfect going out clothes for the girls who loves comfort.

Jeans are probably the most popular of women’s going out clothes. The reason for this is the ease of wear and simplicity of pairing them to create a full outfit. Dark jean trousers come in many shades and cuts. They are incredibly easy to wear for formal and informal meetings. With a simple shirt, loafers or sneakers, a dark jean makes a simple outfit for outings later in the day. For a different outing, the same pair of dark jeans, a button-up shirt, a blazer, and loafers or heels create a more refined outfit suitable for formal events.


Yes, of course a blazer is a classic piece of clothing that can add polish to almost any outfit. A dark blazer is especially useful for creating classy and sophisticated looks. Black, grey and even navy blue blazers are easier to pair than other brighter colors. Worn with skirts, you can have a simple yet classy outfit for a night out. Worn with denim shorts and a tee-shirt, you can create a structured yet relaxed outfit that screams stylish.

 Now, have you got your essential wardrobe all figured out or are you still desperately digging through your closet and drawers to find your must-have basics? xx

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  1. I love the fashionable looks of both the little black dresses, the little white dresses and the denim shorts at the Femme Lux links you provided above.The Black Polka Dot Ruffle One Shoulder Mini-Dress and the White Pleated Long Sleeve Shirt Mini Dress pictured above both look like fabulous fashion choices. The Blue Light Wash High Waisted Paperbag Soft Touch Denim Shorts look comfortable and stylish as well.
    The refreshing of the clothes in my closet is long overdue.

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