casual hangout outfit ideas for a fun date.

If there’s any universal truth that withstands the test of time, it’s that dating is hard. You’ll never know if the person you’re seeing is ...

If there’s any universal truth that withstands the test of time, it’s that dating is hard. You’ll never know if the person you’re seeing is as into you as you are with them. The last thing you need is them calling you out as coming on too strong… or worse, flat-out rejecting you. Swell thing we picked out these totally casual “hangout” outfit ideas but still looks sexy and looks that’ll not keep you at the friend zone… for the time being, that is.

Do duet duels at a karaoke bar

Nothing takes off the pressure of a date like singing your heart out to the mic and secretly to your date, too. The karaoke date will probably be a group thing so try to keep it on the lay-low with a dark and classic fit like this little black dress. You can pair it with cute blocked heels or rope-tied sandals. Don’t be afraid to suggest pairing up with your date for a duel off – it’ll give you an excuse to sing that romantic song together. Just try not to blush so hard though!

Strike up sparks at the bowling alley

Having a total knockout date can really have you trembling all over with nervousness. That’s why a bowling date is a perfect solution for your giddy grooves and grumps! Muster up all your anxiety and throw it down for a perfect strike instead. Pop your collar with women’s loungewear sets in a trendy color like sage green and your equally slick hair. Bust those sleek moves and your date will definitely pin your number for the next game night.

Play your moves at the arcade

Being around your casual date all the time, you can’t help but have your eyes locked on ‘em – which is why an arcade hangout is the perfect play-tonic partnership! Spice up the fun with a graphic tee and cute ripped jeans for women to match. Add in a spunky coin purse for all the tickets you won together. Maybe they’ll make you choose a not-so-platonic prize for keeps?

Partner up in a pop concert

Let’s face it: the real reason why you like your date so much is that you guys have a lot of things in common – music ain’t an exception either. Go ahead and rock out with ‘em to a hot-blooded jam sesh with your similarly favorite pop star. More excuses to rub elbows with one another during the peak of the concert hype and tip the friendship to your favor while you’re at it. Style your look for some slick moves: white midi dress with a biker jacket to offer them just in case it’s too chilly, a felt hat, and a pair of ankle boots they can steal from you for an Insta-worthy selfie. Totally sure an encore date night is just seconds in the making.

Set a match at a board game café

Dating is all about the game of luck. Will your date understand your pheromones and romantic wavelengths? Or will they think of it as another playful homespun act of friendship? Test out how well you can play it out with a casual board game date. Let the hilarity and romance ensue with every roll of the die, a swipe of the card, and a joking slap on the shoulder. Why not try midi dresses? This elegant ribbed bodycon dress from Femme Luxe and a pair of elegant heels will spray a lil’ Wild Love while you’re at it and get a chance to win someone’s heart in a heated match!

Another idea of a fun date? How 'bout flippin' books and chillin'? One of the most brilliant lines ever said that would have anyone say yes is “Wanna ace the test together?” You come off suave, smooth, and something of a brainiac genius. Besides keeping your mind sharp, make sure you look at it, too! Throw on your favorite outfit just in case you need to whip out your notes… or your number.

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