Hi, I'm a thirty-something mother, a loving wife, and a so-called secluded-sartorialist. I've been blogging on Versicle. in my spare time since 2009, started posting my outfit-of-the-day on Lookbook beforehand. I enjoy blogging to share my personal style and found my blog name from a dictionary. Probably not so fashion-wise but whatever. Basically, Versicle. is a place to put on my passion for fashion, inspirations, favorite things, thoughts, and little random stories of my life through my probably-boring-background photos as a form of creativity on how I dress and act with my clothes. I'm literally inspired by everything; music, movies, books, and random things. For my pictures, I used Olympus pocket camera back then when I first started my blog, moved to Olympus E300, broke it, borrowed Canon 60D from my former boss (she's awesome and I can't be more thankful for that!), and currently using Canon 1100D with 50-250mm and 50mm lenses.

No, Marla Singer is not my real name, it's my screen-name since 2004 and it's inspired by one of my all-time favorite movies - Fight Club - as my massive crush on Helena Bonham Carter (IKR!). I just don't feel quite comfortable about sharing my personal things over the internet. Internet can be cruel, y'all. :(

I'm obsessed with astronomy and vintage stuffs. I like to collect hats and tights. I cry a lot in movies (like any movies... even animation...) and concert videos of my fave bands. Zooey Deschanel and Chloey Sevigny are a few of my favorite people. Inconsistent and procrastination is probably also my middle name. You'll know when you browse my blog...

I can't thank you for more for being my readers, my followers, and my friends through this blog, though. Seven years of on-and-off blogging is not easy but your comments and your appreciations to my blog are the reasons I keep writing and posting (even not regularly :P). You are more than welcomed to say hello and ask me about anything at iloveversicle@gmail.com :)

I give peace a chance. You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one.