As a mother, a loving wife, and a secluded-sartorialist, she blogs in her spare time on Versicle. to share her personal style. Versicle. is a place to put on her passion for fashion, inspirations, favorite things, thoughts, and little random stories of her life through her boring-background photos as a form of creativity on how she dresses and acts with her clothes. She's literally inspired by everything; music, movies, books, and random things.

No, Marla Singer is not her name, it's her screen-name since 2004 and it's inspired by her all-time favorite movie - Fight Club - as her massive obsession with Helena Bonham Carter. She just doesn't feel comfortable about sharing her personal things over the internet.

She's obsessed with astronomy and vintage stuffs. She wants her hats and tights to be kings and queens in her closet kingdom. She cries a lot on movies and concert videos of her fave bands. Zooey Deschanel and Chloey Sevigny are a few of her favorite people. Inconsistent and procrastination is probably her middle name.

She can't thank you for more for being her readers, her followers, and her friends. Your comments and your appreciations to her blog are the reasons she keeps writing and posting. You are more than welcomed to say hello and ask her about anything at iloveversicle@gmail.com :)

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I give peace a chance. You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one.


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